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  • How to Live in a World at Peace?

    On May 16, 2016, The European Institute and the European Parliament Liaison Office with the U.S. Congress hosted a lunch discussion with The Honorable Alain Lamassoure, Chairman of the European Parliament's Special Committee on Tax Rulings.  Mr. Lamassoure addressed how the European Union and the United States are coexisting in peace and how the two global powers must fight the newest enemy, fear.

    Read Mr. Lamassoure's full speech here.

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Could Brexit jeopardize the peace settlement in Northern Ireland?

- By Brian Beary, Washington

BrianBeary.new1When Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness greeted Queen Elizabeth on a visit to Belfast earlier this week, the atmosphere in the room was oddly warm, bordering on jovial. “Are you well?” asked the Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister McGuinness. Now in his mid-sixties and white-haired, he is remembered by many as the youthful, curly red-haired, fierce Irishman at the helm of the staunchly republican, nationalist Sinn Fein party and its militant wing, the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

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Post Brexit Letter from London—The Day After Reaction

- By Michael White, London

MichaelWhite2016Even Donald Trump seemed sobered by the overnight verdict of the British people when the Republican presidential contender flew into Scotland to count his golf courses on Friday and spoke blandly and in relatively measured tones to the media at Turnberry. "Basically they took back their country."

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As Brexit Vote Approaches, Washington Think Tanks Go into Overdrive

- Michael D. Mosettig, former foreign editor of PBS News Hour

michaelmosettig.newThe seven plus decades of twists and turns in the "special relationship" between the United States and United Kingdom have long been fodder for commentary between London and Washington. But it has taken the British referendum on its membership in the European Union to demonstrate that the sometimes mythologized U.S.-U.K. bonds still run as strong or stronger than ever in Washington's think tanks.

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A Beacon of Competence and Hope in Northern Greece

- By Bill Marmon, Washington

bill marmon april 2013An unconventional 74 year-old, who sports a gold earring and large lizard tattoo on his right wrist, Thessaloniki’s dynamic mayor, Yiannis Boutaris, sat down with European Affairs this week to speak about his philosophy of government and hopes for a renaissance in Greece’s second largest city.

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What’s Behind France’s Labor Unrest?

- By Jacqueline Grapin, Paris

jacquelinegrapin2015cJust as the French economy started giving signs of recovery, albeit belatedly, spectacular demonstrations and strikes have hit the country, paralyzing significant parts of transportation systems including roads, subway (RATP), rail (SNCF) and air (Air France), as well as oil depots and EDF nuclear plants. Some of the demonstrations have been violent, destroying numerous stores and brutally attacking people, including police. Normal daily activities have been disturbed. Sometimes, it is impossible to find fuel in gas stations because refineries paralyzed by the strikers did not deliver their products. Metro and trains stopped providing regular services. This chaotic situation is taking place on the eve of the UEFA 2016 European Soccer Championship scheduled to bring one million visiting fans to France. And this on top of continuing concerns about terrorist attacks.

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- Ben Antenore

Will the EU Fall? Three Scenarios, Four Explanations, by Frédéric Mérand,  Université de Montréal, published as a blog of the American Sociological  Association. A crisp and insightful summary of the EU crisis and where it could lead.  Recommended by European Affairs.

- Owen Phelps

The flow towards Europe Interactive chart showing refugee flow into Europe, country by country, based on UN data. PUBLISHED 26.10.2015 | BY VILLE SAARINEN AND JUHO OJALA

Recommended by European affairs.

- Owen Phelps

The collapse of the US-EU Safe Harbor: Solving the new privacy Rubik’s Cube, by Brad Smith – President and Chief Legal Officer Microsoft Corporation. A thoughtful post (Oct. 20) by the President of a company seriously impacted by the recent European Court of Justice take down of the “safe harbor” provisions of the EU for data transfer out of Europe. Smith lays out principles for moving to a new and better win-win formulation without plunging the world into “digital dark ages.” Recommended by European Affairs.



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