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  • A Fresh Start for TTIP?

    On November 20, 2014, The European Institute organized a breakfast event with Damien Levie, Head of the Trade & Agriculture Section at the Delegation of the European Union and Angela Ellard, Committee Chief Trade Counsel & Subcommittee on Trade Staff Director for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways & Means. The discussion focused on the impact of the 2014 midterm election in the U.S. and the changing political dynamics in the EU on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations.  The issues addressed included prospects for Trade Promotion Authority in the U.S. Congress, resolution of Investor State Dispute Settlement, Geographical Indicators differences, and concerns regarding transparency and data protection.  Michael Smart, Vice President at Rock Creek Global Advisors moderated the event.

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Remembering the Fall of the Berlin Wall—25 Years Later

- By Michael D. Mosettig, former Foreign Editor of PBS News Hour

michaelmosettigIn forums across Germany and Europe and in Washington, along with a new batch of books, former officials, analysts and authors are taking stock 25 years later of the most important and dramatic event of the late 20th century --- the end of the Berlin Wall. 


Fallout from Scottish Referendum—The Rise of EVEL (English Votes for English Laws)

- By Geoffrey Paul, Independent UK Journalist

geoffpaulphoto"It is quite true that the so-called races of Britain feel themselves to be very different from one another. A Scotsman, for instance, does not thank you if you call him an Englishman. You can see the hesitation we feel on this point by the fact that we call our islands by no less than six different names, England, Britain, Great Britain, the British Isles, the United Kingdom and, in very exalted moments, Albion. Even the differences between north and south England loom large in our own eyes. But somehow these differences fade away the moment that any two Britons are confronted by a European.”
From an essay by George Orwell 1941


Special Section: Perspectives On Ukraine Crisis And The Road Ahead

- By John Barry, former National Security Correspondent for Newsweek Magazine

Vladimir Putin’s supposed orchestration of events in Ukraine has been taken by many as ominous evidence of his power and cunning.  In actuality, however,  his handling of Ukraine is a disaster for Russia’s interests.


Catalan Separatist Movement Persists Despite Scotland’s Failed Referendum

- By Ryan Barnes, Senior International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce

ryan barnes photo 2

Separatists from Quebec to Flanders are still reeling from Scotland’s September 18th referendum in which voters chose to remain in Britain. The spillover effect from a successful Scottish push for independence, which would have provided a fillip to other like-minded movements around the world, never occurred. Secessionists in Catalonia in Northeastern Spain, home to sixteen percent of Spain’s population and nearly a fifth of its economic output, nonetheless persevere in their efforts to leave Spain.


Jean-Claude Trichet Surveys the Euro-- Past and Future

- By Bill Marmon, European Affairs

“Don’t underestimate the resilience of the  European” or of the Euro,  said Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank from 2003-2011, in a wide-ranging speech last week at the European Institute in D.C.   Trichet spoke not only of triumphs but also of  problems and future challenges for the Euro, the European common currency that benefited considerably from Trichet’s credibility and leadership over  a crucial period.  (Click here for text of the speech.)



- Natalie Fahey

Banking Union in Nine Questions,” Written statement prepared by Nicolas Véron, Senior Fellow at the Belgian think tank, Bruegel.  Veron provides a clear and authoritative picture of the soon-to-be-implemented EU banking union,  with analysis of its origins and its prospect for success as well as work still to be done.

- Jon Ferris

Net Neutrality Event 8/6/14.  (Scroll down)  Video recording of  presentation by Scott Marcus at the Internet Society-DC, on the complexities of the net neutrality  issue, too often  reduced to slogans “pro and con.”   Marcus, a principal at WIK Consult, also authoritatively discusses the substantial differences in the way the issue of net neutrality is addressed in the U.S. and Europe.   Recommended by Mike Nelson, adjunct professor at Georgetown University and member of The Board of Directors of the European Institute.

- Jon Ferris

Collapse of the World Order?,   The Emergence of a Polycentric World and Its Challenges,” by Alexei Arbatov, Director of the International Security Center at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations.  A rigorous, nuanced and balanced  assessment of the Ukraine crisis by a leading Russian scholar and former member of the State Duma, and its impact on Russian relations with the West.   Recommended by  “European Affairs.”



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