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    On November 4, 2015, The European Institute hosted a breakfast discussion with The Honorable Timothy Kirkhope, rapporteur for the relocation of refugees on the Committee for Civil Liberties, Justice & Home Affairs and the Conservative Party’s spokesman on Justice and Home Affairs at the European Parliament.  Mr. Kirkhope assessed the Syrian refugee crisis, and stated that a “firm but fair” approach to the situation was needed to maintain order and stability. Mr. Kirkhope also stressed the need for the EU to allocate additional resources to member states with external borders of the EU in order to help them accommodate the flood of new arrivals, while bolstering the availability of legal channels through which refugees can make formal applications for asylum within Europe.

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After Paris Terror France Raises Efforts to Attract Foreign Investments

- By Jacqueline Grapin, Founder and Co-Chair of the Board of The European Institute


Early in the morning, at the very moment when the second French raid targeting terrorist ringleaders was going on in Saint Denis, North of Paris, on Wednesday, November 18, a packed assembly of around 500 CEOs and senior executives from multinational companies with sizable operations in France was gathering at the Conseil Economique et Social for a day of discussions on “Les Etats de la France.” Under the circumstances, the topic of the day as well as the meeting itself, “Is France attractive for international business?”, may have seemed strange. The organizers had wondered whether they should cancel the meeting. Not at all said the government. All the leading participants showed up, including the French minister of the Economy, Emmanuel Macron and a number of senior representatives of the Administration. They agreed that the best way to fight adversity and terrorism is to focus on what needs to be done.
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Quantitative Easing in Europe: Economists, Policymakers Debate Decades-Old Quandary

- By James D. Spellman, Strategic Communications LLC

spellmanWith the European Central Bank poised to ramp up lending to banks as early as December 3 and again jolt Europe’s languishing economy, economists and policymakers are increasingly divided over whether the long-term costs of quantitative easing – “QE” – may be more detrimental than the immediate benefits.

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China Invests in Europe: A Strategic Buying Spree

- By Jacqueline Grapin, Founder and Co-Chair of the Board of The European Institute

jacquelinegrapin2015cChinese investments in Europe doubled in 2014, to a record $18 billion. Six million people travelled between the EU countries and China. Bilateral cooperation moved to a new level when President XI Jinping proposed building a “China-EU partnership.” Already over 70 percent of the initiatives of the 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation discussed between Beijing and Brussels have been launched.

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Recent Elections in Europe Reflect Reaction to Current Issues

- By Brian Beary, European Affairs Contributing Editor

BrianBeary.new1All politics is local, or so goes the adage of former U.S. House Speaker Tip O’Neill. Elections in Europe this past month are testament to this wisdom, in part. But other forces are also at play. Europe’s refugee crisis and the EU’s chronic economic and monetary challenges were prominent in voters’ minds when casting ballots in Austria, Greece, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland.

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“Disciples” by Douglas Waller; Simon & Schuster; 2015; 566 pages

- Reviewed by Laurence Barrett, former Senior Editor Time Magazine

BarrettAllen W. Dulles, grandson of one Secretary of State and nephew of another, was a worldly WASP who knew that America could not avoid World War II. He had served as a diplomat during the previous war, continued to advise the State Department while making big bucks as an international lawyer, and lived large as a serial philanderer.

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- Owen Phelps

The flow towards Europe Interactive chart showing refugee flow into Europe, country by country, based on UN data. PUBLISHED 26.10.2015 | BY VILLE SAARINEN AND JUHO OJALA

Recommended by European affairs.

- Owen Phelps

The collapse of the US-EU Safe Harbor: Solving the new privacy Rubik’s Cube, by Brad Smith – President and Chief Legal Officer Microsoft Corporation. A thoughtful post (Oct. 20) by the President of a company seriously impacted by the recent European Court of Justice take down of the “safe harbor” provisions of the EU for data transfer out of Europe. Smith lays out principles for moving to a new and better win-win formulation without plunging the world into “digital dark ages.” Recommended by European Affairs.

- Natalie Fahey

Why Technology, Not Geography, Is Key to Cybersecurity, by Carl Bildt, former Swedish Foreign Minister and Prime Minister, article in Huffington Post. Bildt sounds an eloquent caution against government overreaction to very real cyber security threats. Among the misguided actions Bildt discusses is the recent European Court of Justice’s invalidation of the EU’s safe harbor regime for permitting international data flows, based, it appears, on the erroneous notion that data can be secured by localizing its storage as opposed to deploying available technology. Recommended by European Affairs.



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