EA April 2013

Threading the Needle: Armenia’s Policy towards the EU and the EAU


armensahakyanphotoIn today’s globalized economy, many smaller states can no longer compete in the world market on their own. The formation of economic-political blocs provides a competitive edge by combining national economies into stronger and deeper regional partnerships. For some states however, the conundrum is figuring out which bloc best serves their long-term national interests.

“Big Data, A Revolution that Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think,” by Kenneth Cukier and Viktor Mayer-Schonberger

bill marmon april 2013

Big data has become a major buzz word in the tech world and beyond. Google the term and you’ll get over 2 billion hits in .47 seconds. But what does Big Data really mean? This important book by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, an Oxford professor, and Kenneth Cukier, the “data editor” of the “Economist” magazine explains and fixes the concept in a compelling and readily understandable fashion.


"My Life" by Jacques Chirac, with Jean-Luc Barre

michaelmosettigA new English translation of Jacques Chirac's memoirs, fortunately, at a modest length (half the French version published in 2011), the reflections of the former President of France (1995-2007), offer a reminder and cautionary note that for all the globalization and homogenization taking place around the world, peoples and nations remain very different species.