EA August 2014

Perspective: Google and German Angst

mzeiner01Recently, Germany’s Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, was asked how often he used Google to search the internet. His answer: “Everyday and in an exorbitant manner. Therefore, unfortunately, I am part of the problem.”

The way the Social Democrat described his digital behavior reflects the increasingly ambiguous relationship many Germans have with Google’s services ---whether it is the search engine, Googlemail, Googlemaps, Googletranslate or anything else Google. When looking something up on the internet 90 percent of Germans use Google – significantly more than the worldwide average of roughly 70 percent. The internet giant has not only become ubiquitous. Google has become inescapable.


NATO: Very Much Alive at 65

michaelmosettigWhen the leaders of the North Atlantic alliance wrapped up their Chicago summit two years ago and started preparing for their 65th anniversary meeting in 2014, they could have asked John Travolta to provide the soundtrack, "Stayin' Alive."