EA October 2014

Special Section: Perspectives On Ukraine Crisis And The Road Ahead

Vladimir Putin’s supposed orchestration of events in Ukraine has been taken by many as ominous evidence of his power and cunning.  In actuality, however,  his handling of Ukraine is a disaster for Russia’s interests.


Catalan Separatist Movement Persists Despite Scotland’s Failed Referendum

ryan barnes photo 2

Separatists from Quebec to Flanders are still reeling from Scotland’s September 18th referendum in which voters chose to remain in Britain. The spillover effect from a successful Scottish push for independence, which would have provided a fillip to other like-minded movements around the world, never occurred. Secessionists in Catalonia in Northeastern Spain, home to sixteen percent of Spain’s population and nearly a fifth of its economic output, nonetheless persevere in their efforts to leave Spain.


Outpost: Life on the Frontlines of American Diplomacy by Christopher R. Hill. Simon & Schuster. 431 pages.

Severe turmoil makes diplomats in Haiti fear violence from government goons called Ton Ton Macoutes. Chris Hill, age ten, realizes the danger when his parents show him how to aim the loaded pistol they keep at home. “Don’t use it unless you have to,” his mother says. He doesn’t have to. The State Department soon evacuates all diplomatic dependents. That was in 1963.


Jean-Claude Trichet Surveys the Euro-- Past and Future

“Don’t underestimate the resilience of the  European” or of the Euro,  said Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank from 2003-2011, in a wide-ranging speech last week at the European Institute in D.C.   Trichet spoke not only of triumphs but also of  problems and future challenges for the Euro, the European common currency that benefited considerably from Trichet’s credibility and leadership over  a crucial period.  (Click here for text of the speech.)