Summer 2002

Letter to the Editor: Economic Policy Makers Must Look Beyond National Borders

The Special Report section on Managing Europe's New Money (European Affairs, Spring 2002) presented an informative and multi-faceted review of the process of European monetary, financial and economic integration. This is particularly useful for American readers. I would like to add a few comments on the subjects of European financial integration and the integration of the EU and U.S. economies.

Hervé Carré gave a good analysis of the Financial Services Action Plan with its 42 legal and regulatory measures designed to foster an integrated financial market in Europe. I would highlight two more areas that need improvement: technical barriers and the burden of regulatory reporting.


Letter to the Editor: Poland's Cautious EU Approach Is Intended to Reassure Doubters

I am not quite sure what to think of Minister Cimoszewicz's remarks in his recent article in European Affairs. He thoughtfully examines his understanding of the kind of European Union that Poland hopes to join; an EU faithful to its functional nature that will further integrate incrementally, while continuing to assure peace and stability in Europe.

But it would seem that the Minister is not just providing official views on the fundamentals such as the principle of subsidiarity (according to which decisions are to be taken at the most appropriate level, whether local, national or EU-wide), but is also setting out markers from Poland's perspective about what is desirable and acceptable in an evolving EU structure.


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