EA September 2015

Refugee Crisis Creating Rifts in EU, But Also Impetus for Common Policy


UPDATE on Migrant Crisis-- September 15, 2015

Unanimous agreement among EU interior ministers proved elusive at the September 14 meeting to discuss a plan to relocate 120,000 refugees more evenly among member states. Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia declined to give their blessing to the EU Commission’s September 9 proposal, much to the chagrin of Austria and Germany into whose territory thousands of refugees stream each day. While the proposal can be adopted by a qualified majority vote in Council, given the gravity of the refugee crisis, unanimous backing is being sought, although the United Kingdom is exercising its opt-out. Ministers will reconvene on October 8 to try to narrow their differences and, if they fail, EU heads of state and government will attempt to do so at the October 15-16 European Council. Ministers did, however, formally adopt a proposal, first tabled by the Commission in May, to relocate 40,000 refugees who arrived in Greece and Italy.