EA December 2015

EU Negotiators Announce Privacy Safeguards in Move to Single Digital Market

spellmanTo replace outmoded and varying national data protection rules that undermine the creation of a European digital single market, negotiators from the Commission, Council and Parliament unveiled a far-ranging policy to strengthen privacy safeguards that would give 500-million Europeans more control over their personal data while imposing tougher restrictions on law enforcement’s use of private data.


European Parliament’s Research Arm Hits Stride; Boosts Ties with U.S. Congressional Counterpart

BrianBeary.new1Two years up and running, the European Parliament Research Service (EPRS) continues to expand as MEPs enhance their capacity to do policy analysis independently of the EU Commission. A new report, to be published soon, from EPRS examining how government oversight is carried out in the United States is an indicator of how much Parliament is looking across the pond for guidance with this initiative.


“Global Peer Pressure” at the Paris Summit

WalterNicklen2015If future generations are to look back at the historic, 195-nation climate accord reached in Paris this past weekend with a sense gratitude for turning the world away from fossil fuels and deforestation, then special thanks must go to the Europeans, especially the French hosts. Despite the previous (Copenhagen) climate summit’s perceived failure six years ago and despite the then lack of credible leadership from the world’s two biggest carbon generators (China and United States), the European Union and its member states (the third biggest carbon producer) continued after Copenhagen to make climate policy an urgent priority.


Perspectives: Refugee Crisis Becomes Greece’s ‘Mission Impossible’

EfthymiosAravantinos2015More than 800,000 desperate souls, in 2015 alone, have risked their lives trying to reach Greece from Turkey and trying to stem this flow has very much been Greece’s ‘mission impossible’.

Erecting fences or walls is obviously not an option.

Most importantly, using Greece as a scapegoat for the refugee crisis makes no sense and represents an unjust blame game.


Europe’s Shale Gas Fiasco Might Come With A Silver Lining

BylicaMarcinCDDomestic shale gas was supposed to be a game changer for many Central and Eastern European countries. It presented a potential solution to the region’s two most salient energy problems: import dependency on Russian natural gas and reliance on coal, one of the dirtiest of fossil fuels.