EA January 2017

Letter from London—Mixed Reception for Trump in UK


The foaming cocktail of official alarm and voter distain which greeted Donald Trump’s first flurry of presidential tweets and executive orders around the world was not mixed the same way in Brexit Britain, any more than it was in the American heartland. The Trump feedback loop is both negative and positive. Hey, if he’s upsetting all those protesting liberals, Silicon Valley and the foreigners, he must be doing something right, yes?


Trump and May: A New Special Relationship?

bod.hunter2“Special relationship” is used so often to describe Anglo-American ties that it has long since become a cliché. But it still has force, reflecting not just tangible interests but the intangibles of culture, history, and shared roots of law and politics.


Italy Shores Up Failing Bank: A Template for Rescuing Europe’s Other Weak Banks?

Spellman 1When prospects dimmed for private funds to advert a collapse of the bank Monte dei Paschi (MPS), the Italian government stepped in before Christmas with a bailout to protect depositors’ savings and inject new capital so that the world’s oldest bank, and the country’s third largest, could survive.


U.K. Defines Scope of Brexit as Lengthy, Complicated Negotiations Begin with Brussels

Spellman 1The leader of the United Kingdom affirmed in a much-heralded speech that her country will leave the European Union to regain control over immigration and other national laws, but equally stressed the critical need for a strong Europe and a trade arrangement that would minimize any economic fallout from Brexit as Europe’s recovery remains unsteady.