EA April 2017

Theresa May’s Losing Gamble

michaelwhiteWhat’s that, you say? You were so busy with your own problems and Donald Trump’s that you didn’t notice the Brits were staging an impromptu general election? Britain’s rookie Conservative prime minister, Theresa May, invoked one on the spurious grounds that it would give her a stronger mandate to negotiate a satisfactory Brexit divorce with her estranged EU partners and, incidentally, to crush the rival Labour party, led by the apparently hapless Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr. Erdogan Comes to Washington

aliaslanTurkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a tall order for his first trip to Washington: To instill an image that he is a respected world leader despite his authoritarianism; to foster a personal relationship with the new US President Donald Trump, and hopefully, garner a few concessions on several contentious issues which have been straining bilateral relations. Those issues include the US decision to arm Kurdish fighters in Syria for anti-ISIL Raqqa operation, obstacles in the extradition request for prominent Turkish dissident Fethullah Gulen, and Erdogan’s keen interest in shutting down the U.S. government’s Iran sanctions violation case against Turkish-Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab. Turkey’s strongman can be happy with the warm welcome by President Trump at the White House, but so far there has been no indications of any concrete accomplishments on these priority issues. 


Of Politics and the Euro

paul horneOnce again, the euro survived a crucial electoral test and strengthened in financial markets clearly relieved that the world’s second reserve currency will carry on despite populist politicians pandering to voters blaming economic stagnation and high unemployment on the European Union and the euro. The euro’s bounce against the dollar came just hours after the first round of France’s presidential election on Sunday, April 23, resulted in Emmanuel Macron, a pro-European centrist; and Marine Le Pen, head of the hard right and anti-European Front National, winning through to the run-off vote on May 7.


Marshall Plan—70th Anniversary of Post War U.S. Aid Program to Europe

michaelmosettig.newIn a sea of academic gowns on Harvard Lawn, he stood out, erect of military bearing, in a civilian gray suit. 

George C. Marshall was one of four illustrious honorary degree recipients on June 5, 1947.  He had been the military and logistics architect of the allied victories in World War II and was now serving as Secretary of State for President Harry S Truman. The others were Robert Oppenheimer, creator of the atomic bomb; General Omar Bradley and poet T.S. Eliot. But it would be Marshall’s brief speech at an alumni lunch following the commencement ceremonies that would make history. 


Erdogan’s Win, Turkey’s Loss

aliaslanTurkey’s autocratic president Recep Tayyip Erdogan added another critical, albeit controversial electoral win to his column last Sunday. A referendum officially changing the regime from a parliamentary democracy to a presidential system with little or no checks and balances passed with a narrow margin (51-49 percent).