EA June 2017

Perspectives--Brexit is Not Inevitable

PaulAdamsonBefore British Prime Minister Theresa May called her snap and ill-advised election pro-European Brits had their work cut out fighting the dominant prevailing wisdom of the inexorability of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU – the so-called “Brexit”.


New Fault lines in Europe... the Political Consequences of Brexit

bod.p.johnbrutonIf one reviews European history over the period since the Reformation five hundred years ago, the role that England has sought to play in Europe has been that of holding the balance between contending powers. It used its naval strength, and the overseas colonies its naval strength allowed it to hold, to exercise that balancing European role.

At no time in the last 500 years, did the UK seem to disengage from, or turn its back upon, continental Europe. Indeed England felt it so much a part of continental Europe that Henry VIII actually contemplated being a candidate for Holy Roman Emperor.