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Benefits of Membership in The European Institute®

Exclusive Access to Balanced Information. The European Institute is unbiased, independent and non-partisan. The Institute does not take positions on issues. Rather, it provides opportunities for its members to express positions and exchange information within high-level and informal discussions.

Effective High Level Network. The European Institute creates a friendly atmosphere among leaders from the US and Europe, which allows for a true exchange of information. Expressing differences and exploring new avenues to reduce them becomes possible. This offers a cost effective access to off the record information and high level discussions of value.

Active participation on specific issues. Provides the opportunity to address your commercial, security, regulatory and political concerns; participate in the development of cutting edge programs with journalists and independent experts as well as corporate executives, diplomats and senior representatives of the US Government and Congress. Format includes steering committees, working groups, special briefings and research programs.

Customized special projects. The European Institute has a member-driven agenda which welcomes the input and suggestions of corporate and government members as part of its ongoing program development. The Institute has a record of executing special projects in cooperation with major institutions such as the US Department of Defense, the European Commission, the UN, corporations and trade associations to address their specific concerns.

Receive Key European Institute Information. The European Institute provides its members with cutting edge information and analysis on European affairs and transatlantic issues, both informally and formally. Members have access to the Institute’s journal European Affairs®, special reports and briefings.

Recognition for your support. Members of The European Institute appreciate the high quality of its programs and benefit from being seen as supporting transatlantic discussions on crucial issues. In addition to executives from 60 major corporations, senior representatives from US Government and Congress, officials from the European Commission, and Ambassadors from 27 European governments regularly participate in meetings. Senior journalists cover public meetings and European Institute staff spread the information in numerous television and radio programs. Support is also recognized in EI publications.

Effective Use of your Time. Membership in The European Institute is a time- and cost-effective way for both Americans and Europeans to access valuable new information and high level leaders from Europe and the US and to achieve multiple goals.

The European Institute is a nonprofit organization formed under Section 501 (c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue code for charitable, educational and literary purposes. Contributions are tax deductible.

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If you have questions about membership in The European Institute, please contact:

Joelle Attinger

The European Institute
1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 220
Washington, DC 20036-3351
Phone: (202) 895-1670