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Welcome to The European Institute's® website. We invite you to discover the scope of the extraordinarily textured relationship between Europe and the United States: the oldest multilateral partnership in the world.  We are each other's most important trade and investment partner, close political and military allies, and we share a deep commitment to the rule of law and democracy. However, we often have disagreements on the details of our fundamental cooperation. To remain close, we must maintain sustained dialogue about our actions and intentions, harmonize our sometimes-diverse views, and plan for the future together. This is where The European Institute makes its contribution.


 Jacqueline Grapin
Chairman of the Board

As changing global realities give rise to new challenges, the US and Europe face an escalating number of complex issues. It is more important than ever that key decision makers from both sides of the Atlantic remain engaged, as they are responsible for anticipating and addressing the upcoming realities. The European Institute, along with its publications and website, offers access to accurate, original, and forward-looking information that can only be generated by the primary actors of this fast-changing society.

By exploring our site, you will become acquainted with the essence and mission of our unique organization, and hopefully learn more about the significance of the Transatlantic dialogue.



As the leading Washington-based public-policy organization devoted solely to transatlantic affairs, The European Institute provides an independent forum in which key decision makers from both the public and private sectors in Europe and the United States can meet to discuss issues of common concern and develop effective and mutually beneficial solutions.  With the participation of top level representatives from the U.S. Administration and Congress, the European Commission, Council and Parliament, European Embassies, major foundations and global corporations from both Europe and the United States, The European Institute's encourages the strengthening of the transatlantic relationship to respond to new challenges. Our mission is to act as an early warning system and a mechanism for conflict resolution.

A neutral forum, The European Institute facilitates common understanding on: Defense and Security; Homeland Security; Trade and Investment; Finance and Economic Affairs;  Energy and Environment, Transportation; EU Enlargement and Institutional Reform; Food and Biotechnology; Telecommunications and IT; Aeronautics and Space; Transatlantic Governance.

The European Institute's objectives include:

-          Monitor developments in transatlantic relations in the context of the global economic crisis and the security challenges ahead;

-          Anticipate areas needing additional dialogue;

-          Survey the contributions that NATO New Strategic Concept and the Europe Union’s institutional framework bring to common efforts in a number of areas;

-          Serve as a conduit for information between members of the US Administration and their European counterparts;

-          Provide a neutral forum to help Europeans and Americans plan new projects and partnerships, engage new actors and build relationships;

-          Facilitate a constructive dialogue with third countries.

The Institute will support its objectives by continuing to organize a range of activities for its members, including: working groups that meet on a regular basis to address specific sectoral issues; briefings by government and business leaders; off-the-record roundtable discussions with senior officials; on-line publication of a policy journal, European Affairs®, ad-hoc reports; and Internet information and exchange.