Prominent German Industrialist, Jurgen Thumann, Strongly Supports Continuity of the Transatlantic Economic Council

Opening the meeting, Joelle Attinger, President of the European Institute, stressed the need to strengthen the economic partnership between the U.S. and Europe.

Even amid the acute current economic slump, the U.S. global trade deficit with grew by 1.1 percent in October – a reminder of the need for maintaining strong transatlantic cooperation.


Obama Plans to Rebalance Military Power With Stronger Civilian Role In Conflicts

Clear indications are emerging about a radical shift in the Obama administration that intends to make a change in U.S. strategy dealing with global stability.


Drug Companies Overcharge in Europe by Billions by Blocking Generics Says EU

European consumers and state-run health-care programs are being charged an extra €3 billion ($3.87 billion) annually because major pharmaceutical companies are creating barriers for the production and use of cheaper generic drugs, the European Commission says.


Troubles of the U.S. "Big 3" in Detroit: What About their European Rivals?

In the months-long run-up to the bailout in Detroit, little was said about foreign competition. But the concern was always there. In announcing the 17.4 billion dollar loan, a White House official stipulated to the Washington Post that, “The companies will have to restructure their wage and benefit agreements so that by the end of 2009 they are competitive with foreign automakers that have plants in the U.S.”


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