European Concern over Prism Program (6/24)

By Caitlin Del Sole, European Affairs Editorial Assistant

The recent public revelation about U.S. government surveillance of emails and other internet communication from “foreigners” in the National Security Agency (NSA) Prism program has deeply unsettled Europeans. Data protection has always been a point of particular contention across the Atlantic, and the Prism program revelations confirm some of the worst fears about how the United States actually handles foreigners’ data. “Here we go again: Another violation of the basic right to privacy,” wrote Viviane Reding,  the European Commission’s Vice President for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship in an Op Ed piece in the New York Times. “Another public outcry.  Another blow to citizens’ trust in the security of their personal data,” continued Reding.  “Yet more evidence that something fundamental has to change…”