A Social Media First—Presidential War Threats via Twitter (8/8)

By Armen V. Sahakyan

In what will go down in cyber history as a social media first— president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev threatened Armenia and Nagorono-Karabakh Republics with resurgence of war via Twitter. Screen shot of actual message is below:


Russian Sanctions Pose Particular Strains on Aspiring EU and NATO Candidate States (7/3)

By Lauren Gieseke, Editorial Assistant

When the European Union imposed sanctions on Russia on March 17, Catherine Ashton announced that Montenegro, Iceland, and Albania—all EU candidate or potential candidate states—would also participate with the EU and three other non-EU European nations (Norway, Lichtenstein, and Moldova) in imposing targeted restrictions upon certain Russian and Ukrainian individuals. Brussels encouraged participation from other nonmember states, but the invitation for cooperation on this issue was not universally accepted. For example, Serbia an EU candidate state, did not join the EU sanctions restrictions.