Transatlantic Trends 2014: What Does It Tell Us about Poland? (9/15)

By Marcin Bylica, European Affairs Editorial Assistant

As a Polish graduate student with a strong interest in transatlantic relations I was particularly interested in results from Poland in the recent Transatlantic Trends survey, a yearly poll conducted by the German Marshall Fund of the United States.


New Poll on Scottish Independence Referendum Shakes Britain (9/10)

By European Affairs

The referendum on Scottish independence from Great Britain scheduled for September 18, has been one of the most intensely polled, with over 90 “scientific” polls conducted since the vote was scheduled two years ago.   And until this past weekend every poll showed the “no” vote (against independence) prevailing, although in recent weeks the margin of “no” lead has narrowed.


Jumpstarting the Eurozone: Maestro Draghi’s New Ouverture (9/8)


By James David Spellman, Principal Strategic Communications LLC.

The European Central Bank last week (September 4) unexpectedly lowered interests rates again and pushed bank deposit rates slightly more deeply into negative territory, as low inflation, weak growth, and sluggish lending to businesses suggested the Eurozone’s recovery was “losing momentum,” President Mario Draghi said. While the rate cuts grabbed the headlines, more significant are two new initiatives Draghi also unveiled to pump money into the region’s economy. Immediately afterward, the euro tumbled, bond yields fell, and stocks rallied.