New Storm Clouds for Europe: China’s Weakening Outlook (8/31)

By James D. Spellman, Strategic Communications LLC

Signs mount that China’s outlook is deteriorating, as a credit-driven bubble of irrational real estate prices bursts and decades of infrastructure investments to sustain double-digit growth have resulted in detrimental side effects, ushering in a likely recession. As the dominant market for many EU-made products, from luxury goods to machinery to transport equipment, China’s slowdown will have far-reaching consequences as Europe’s recovery remains fragile.


EU Clears Third Bailout to Help Greece Pay Debt and Promote Development; Toxic Debate before Greece’s Parliament Approved Reforms Brussels Demanded (8/17)

spellmanBy James D. Spellman, Strategic Communications LLC

The European Union Friday (August 14) cleared a third bailout, a three-year program that provides Greece with €85 billion ($94.3 billion) to pay debt, recapitalizes banks initially with €10 billion ($11.1 billion) and launches a €35-billion ($38.8 billion) economic development package provided that a quarterly review affirms that Athens is achieving increasingly larger budget surpluses over the next three years.