Britain's ”Back” With Some Messages for Its Allies (12/11)

By Michael D. Mosettig, Former Foreign Editor of PBS News Hour

Bolstered by last week's parliamentary vote authorizing military action in Syria, Britain's Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has been in Washington with a double set of messages:first, his country is back as a key player on the international scene and second, key British allies should not let emotions get in the way of good policy.


Climate Action: In the Streets, If Not at the Negotiating Table (12/8)

WalterNicklen2015By Walter Nicklin in Paris

Regardless of the content and shape of the final climate agreement negotiated here in Paris, the two-week conference called COP21 has brought together disparate individuals and groups from around the world with alternative visions of a future without fossils fuels and carbon emissions: a kind of global town hall.