“Three Seas Initiative” for Eastern Europe (8/2)

By: Joseph Bebel, Washington D.C.

In early July, Poland welcomed European and American officials to a summit of the Three Seas Initiative (TSI) in Warsaw. The main goal of the summit was to begin plans for the implementation of the initiative that hopes to increase cooperation on trade, energy, and infrastructure between the EU member states of Central and Eastern Europe. U.S. President Donald Trump was the keynote speaker at the summit and was joined by representatives from Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, and a handful of other Eastern European nations. In his remarks, President Trump declaredthe U.S. the “strongest ally and steadfast partner” of the initiative.


Volatile Energy Resources in the Eastern Mediterranean (7/25)

By: Joseph Bebel, Washington, D.C.

Reunification remains a distant hope for the nation of Cyprus. But the recent collapse of reunification talks was particularly disappointing for those who hoped exploitation of new energy finds in the Eastern Mediterranean would push the island nation towards reconciliation. Cypriot Minister Neoklis Sylikotis had hoped that newly found resources would serve as “a catalyst for reunification.” However, as Professor Hubert Faussman from the Universtiy of Nicosia noted, instead the peace talks “became a victim” of the recently discovered resources.