The European Institute’s Roundtable on Defense and Security addresses substantive ways to maximize defense, security and political cooperation between Europe and the United States, within the context of the institutional evolution of NATO and European defense policies. Central to this ongoing initiative are the relationships between NATO, the European Union, and national governments on both sides of the Atlantic. The Roundtable specifically explores the roles of foreign and security policy institutions, as well as the impact of geopolitical developments on the management of security issuesand transatlantic defense industries. Developed in cooperation with NATO, member states and the European Commission, the Roundtable serves as an important forum for transatlantic dialogue on such key issues as the evolution of NATO’s new strategic concept, defense industry consolidation, interoperability, defense procurement policies, and the growing role of soft power in U.S. and European defense policies.


Recent Meetings:

Following up on the roundtable with Nick Witney, Chief Executive of the European Defence Agency, this meeting focused on France’s acquisition policy and relations with the EDA. Lt. Gen. Patrick Auroy, Deputy National Armament Director of the Délégation Générale pour l’Armement (DGA), briefed participants on the French approach to a European Defense Industrial Base and the future of transatlantic cooperation. He outlined the major trends of the industrial policy in Europe, including using more competition and market forces, fostering cooperative programs, and giving visibility and a common reference through the publication of a clear European Defense Technology Industrial Base strategy. He also addressed the need to open the defense market and the challenges created by export controls. An open defense market, he said, will benefit all defense players with new levels of efficiency and economies of scale. Progress is needed on the intra-continental level since export is a major part of the industry. Subsequently, market forces need to be increased in order to have a globally competitive base. The Hon. William Greenwalt, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy offered a U.S. perspective.

Nick Witney, Chief Executive of the European Defense Agency addressed European defense capabilities and the transatlantic cooperation needed in order to meet the emerging requirements of the European Security and Defense Policy. The meeting was moderated by Ambassador Robert Hunter, Senior Advisor of RAND.