Obama and Europe: Some Difficulties Raised by Mis-Matched Personalities and Lack of Compelling Agenda     Print Email

This well-reported narrative of Obama's experience with European leaders appeared this month in the National Journal, a respected, high-priced weekly in Washington. The article explains why the U.S. and Europe, as far as their leaders are concerned, often seem these days to be trains passing in the night. The tenor of Will Eugland's nicely-nuanced account --
Obama's Lukewarm Start with Europe -- is confirmed, in private, by officials on both sides of the Atlantic. The text was released to European Affairs, exceptionally, from the National Journal's subscriber-only content file thanks to the help of Tim Clark. A member of European Affairs' editorial advisory board, he works for the National Journal’s parent company, Atlantic Media Co.

  • 5G and the World Radio Conference 

    By Patricia Paoletta, Washington DC

    You may have heard that the United States is in “a Race to 5G.” 5G—or the Fifth Generation of wireless broadband—will be 100x faster than 4G, connect up to 100x more devices, and be 5x more responsive through lower latency. 5G is expected to connect people, things, transport systems, and cities in smart-networked, always-on environments. 5G will transport a huge amount of content much faster, reliably connect millions of devices, and process very high volumes of data with minimal delay.

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  • "My Life" By Jacques Chirac: A Review

    By Michael Mosettig

    Jacques Chirac in 2007 as he bid farewell to the presidency.

    Jacques Chirac, one of the grand figures of French politics from the 1960s into the 21st century, died Thursday at age 86.
    Chirac, who began his political career as a junior minister in the last days of the Charles de Gaulle presidency, ran for (not always successfully) and held the country’s top positions—Mayor of Paris, Premier, and President from 1995 to 2007.

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