Merchant Ships Starting to Carry Armed Guards against Somali Pirates (11/22)

More governments are authorizing their merchant ships to carry weapons for self-defense as Somalia-based pirates step up the tempo and reach of their operations pillaging international shipping across an ever-widening arc from the Gulf of Aden deep into the Indian Ocean.


Scoring the Eurozone in Crisis: Slippage? Or Progress? (11/21)

UPDATE (11/21):

Spain's election Sunday gave Spanish conservatives their biggest election victory in the country's post-Franco democracy.  The center-right Popular Party, led by incoming prime minister Mariano Rajoy, 56, will have an absolute majority in the lower house allowing it to pass laws without the support of other parties. Rajoy campaigned on a pledge of tough austerity measures that he now promises to carry out -- in effect, rallying to the main thrust of the economic reform program that his party publicly rejected while it was in opposition.