UN Climate Change Report Finds "Human Influence" Chief Cause of Global Warming (9/27)

By Natalie Fahey, European Institute

The most important conclusion of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report, released today ahead of the next UN climate change conference in Warsaw, Poland in November - is that the scientific community can now say with 95% certainty that "human influence has been the dominant cause" of global warming since the mid 20th century.  While previous assessment reports have drawn similar conclusions, NPR's Richard Harris remarks that the significance of the report is that it "underlines that the more scientists study this issue, the more confident they are that human activities are changing the planet."


Compromise Reached Between Croatia and EU Over Extradition Squabble (9/27)

By Leah Katherine Bewley, European Institute Editorial Assistant

Since July 1st, Croatia’s tenure as the newest member state on the European Union has been overshadowed by an open confrontation with Brussels over Zagreb’s application of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). Three days before official entry into the EU, the Croatian Parliament adopted changes preventing the extradition of anyone suspected of committing a crime before August 7, 2002. Unofficially known as Lex Perkovic, in reference to Josip Perkovic, the former head of Croatian intelligence, whose extradition is being sought  by Germany for his involvement in the 1983 assassination of a Croatian dissident. Croatia has received 23 extradition requests from other EU nations, dating back before 2002, that fall under the European Arrest Warrant Framework Decision.


Armenia will Join Russian Customs Union (9/17)

armensahakyanphotoBy Armen Sahakyan,  European Affairs Editorial Assistant 

In a move last week that came as surprise to many, the Armenian president signed a joint statement with Russia, confirming Armenia’s decision to join the Customs Union (CU) and readiness to participate in the formation of the Russian sponsored Eurasian Union (EAU).  Bringing Armenia into Russia’s Custom Union is a something of coup for Putin since Armenia had been recently negotiating for an association and customs pact with the EU.