Google Executives Criminally Liable for Privacy Invasion on Web? Only in Italy!

Privacy advocates have no friend in the Italian Judge Oscar Magi, author of a 111-page verdict upholding a criminal conviction three Google executives in connection with a video of an autistic boy being bullied by classmates.


Greek Economic Crisis Exposes Political Rift at EU Core Between Paris and Berlin

Ugly Language Aggravates Tensions

In the corridors outside President Obama’s nuclear summit, much of the talk was not about nuclear matters but instead about how the Greek economic crisis has metastasized into a quarrel between Germany and France and now jeopardizes the prospects for more effective European unity. So a crisis that began in Greece has mutated to be about Germany and its commitment to Europe, as described in this New York Times article that has attracted attention and discussion in Washington.


Moscow’s Subversive Hand to be Seen in Kyrgyzstan Overthrow?

Chilling Effect on Outlook for EU Energy Security in Caspian

The violent struggle for power in Kyrgyzstan is a reminder of Moscow’s self-avowed determination to use every means in its power to bring back its old satellites into the orbit of the new Russia. As yet, there is no evidence of Russian participation in what seems to have been a well-organized coup. But even the upheaval and apparent sudden regime change there will alarm several groups with key interests in the U.S. and Europe.


Hungary's Conservative Sweep Restores Orbán - And Raises Some Old Fears

Orbán Is Moderate Nationalist, But Far-right Also Making Gains

Fidesz, the center-right party led by former Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, seems set to sweep Hungary’s elections, perhaps with a two-thirds majority in parliament, returning to power after nearly a decade. But the results of the first round of voting worries some people because of the winner in third place: Jobbik.  It is part of a troubling trend in Europe in recent elections amid the economic meltdown.