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Assuming the International Monetary Fund (IMF) actually lends Greece 30 billion euro (roughly $35 billion) as its share of the Greek bailout, “Business Insider” reporter Greg White has calculated the cost per family per country for the IMF credit:

U.S.: $345.82

Belgium: $445.40

Germany: $745.19

Spain: $776.03

Italy: $803.16

Austria: $861.13

Netherlands: $866.96

France: $877.02

Ireland: $1084.69

These IMF numbers are based on each country’s proportional share of the IMF payout divided by the number of its tax-paying households.

The figures do not include the even larger loans being advanced by EU member states. In that tranche, the country-by-country exposure looms much larger over the big European economies, starting with Germany.

All these funds are, of course, technically loans.

But there are few people holding their breath for the payback date.

A different calculation – in real numbers -- was published in the Financial Times for EU countries’ likely bilateral loans to Greece. These figures, based on the current pro-rata national subscriptions to the European Central Bank, showed a list led by Germany and followed by other major lenders in order:

Germany 22.3 (billion euro)

France 16.8

Italy 14.7

Spain 9.8

Netherlands 4.7

Belgium 2.9

Austria 2.3

Portugal 2.1

Finland 1.5

Ireland 1.3


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